ArcheAge – Russian players launch petition against payment model

[Petition] In a media presentation held on 28th September, Russia’s biggest MMO publisher,, revealed the payment model for ArcheAge Russia. Majority of the community was reportedly enraged by the proposed model, with players able to buy currencies for major advantages.


According to the chart below (source), players can buy crystals and exchange for Arcs, with these 2 currencies giving major advantage to players willing to pay. Labor potions also didn’t have cool-downs in the Alpha version, so a rich Russian player can get his whole guild to Level 50 within a day.

ArcheAge Russia business model

Since the ArcheAge Russia has yet to launch, the community is hoping that something can be done now, with the petition and several threads in various forums as a way to seek acknowledgement from both publisher and developer. The thread in the official forum has over 1,200 pages now!

ArcheAge Russia petition