The King of Fighters Online – First look at the new MOBA title

Developed by Korean studio Dragonfly with the IP licensed from SNK Playmore, The King of Fighters Online debuted worldwide in Thailand just yesterday. A MOBA title in the veins of League of Legends, players get to pick from several different fighters from the classic console franchise.


Being the first test, there are several features still unavailable, such as the card system (also known as Runes in League of Legends) and the shop function. Still, the main playable mode is there, along with 20 playable characters.

The King of Fighters Online screenshot The King of Fighters Online screenshot

For my very first game, I started off using Kula. A support character, she somehow resembles Anivia in terms of skills, but not totally similar. A really cool character (notice she is skiing on the ground), Kula gave me a positive start to the game.


Next, I chose a fan favorite (for many different reasons), Mai. A ranged physical or AD carry, she is a beast once enough damage, attack speed and critical is stacked up. A superb minion destroyer as well due to her multiple-hit skill, you can see me wrecking havoc in the video below.


The King of Fighters Online is somewhat interesting for me, but it is hard to see success further down the road, given the limitations of characters and finding skills which will appropriately fit each character. Will SNK Playmore somehow authorize brand new characters to be created? Hmn…

The King of Fighters Online screenshot