Myrina – New pirate-themed online game announced for Hong Kong

Myrina is a new fantasy and pirate-themed online game in-development by Taiwanese studio, PlayCoo. The publisher for Hong Kong and Macau was announced earlier today, with it being GameCyber. Myrina seems to tread along the lines of another MMORPG, Florensia.


While the game title might sound weird, gamers of the English MMO market should have read about or played games developed by PlayCoo. Some of its titles include Lucent Heart and Divinia.

Myrina glidingMyrina cannon

Some eye-catching features promised thus far includes an active day-night system which will trigger different random events (sea monsters, whirlpools etc), craft unique ships to sail out and explore the seven seas looking for treasures and explore new lands, and gather shipmates and command them.

Myrina shipsMyrina battle

Of course, not everything is about sailing on the seas, as players will have to face monster fights themselves too. There are currently 2 classes announced, the Sword Warrior and Storm Bringer, with 3 more being teased. Sounds pretty good on paper, I shall give it a try once Closed Beta begins.

Myrina classes