AstroWings GF – Mobile plane shooter brings back the memories

As an arcade gamer, I am always looking for old-school genres being brought to the modern times. Arcade plane shooters is one, and just 2 days ago I was informed of a new mobile game titled AstroWings GF. As you can imagine, I did not have much sleep once weekend started.


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A bottom-to-top plane shooter, players are given 6 choices of space planes to choose from, although most requires unlocking via in-game currency or by buying gold using real cash. Armed with both primary and secondary weapons, these can be upgraded for more firepower.

AstroWings GF screenshot 1

Other than simple controls, there is an item called “Protect Shield”, which will help absorb damage taken. Of course, there is a limit of 9 for each round, which can be purchase at a really low price using in-game currency you earn. Think of it as a safety mechanism to prevent “Game Over” after getting 1 hit.

AstroWings GF screenshot 2

There are currently 2 chapters of gameplay, with a total of 22 fast-paced stages.While the designs for some stages may look similar, there is usually a twist by adding more enemies and more mini-bosses to put players’ dodge skills to the limits.

AstroWings GF screenshot 3

AstroWings GF is a simple game overall, with the main skill needed being the ability to manually dodge incoming attacks and when to use the power-up feature located at the bottom right corner. Back to shooting alien scums!

AstroWings GF screenshot 4 AstroWings GF screenshot 5 AstroWings GF screenshot 6