EIN: Epicus Incognitus – Unreal Engine 3 title spotted at B2B area

Announced last year, EIN has not been officially shown at any B2C (Business to Consumer) areas of any games exhibitions. Developed by Korean studio Inuca Interactive using Unreal Engine 3, EIN was once again spotted at ChinaJoy 2013 hidden at the B2B area.

ChinaJoy 2013 - EIN business booth

Of course, it can only mean that the developer is looking for a possible China publisher, with the Korean publisher confirmed as Neowiz. Featuring a massive war between 2 factions, players can expect elements of both magic and technology in this ancient world rich with history.


The combat will most probably use the traditional click-target system, with other features currently still not announced. With Neowiz currently pushing the development of Bless, I am wondering if EIN will once again be missing from G*Star 2013 this November…

EIN screenshot EIN screenshot Ein screenshot