Counter-Strike Online 2 – Nexon previews new Grand Theft Auto map

With the final test phase ending just yesterday, Nexon Korea teased to the media what to expect when Counter-Strike Online 2 launches, which is in the form of a new map call Big City. Why the Grand Theft Auto reference? Well, players can hijack cars and do some crazy stuff.


The new Big City map will be 50 times larger than the popular Dust 2 map, and will be multiple objectives and “real-time world events” going on at the same time for both Counter Terrorists and Terrorists. Did I mention the map holds 100 players?

Counter-Strike Online 2 Big City concept

And yes, players can snipe from building tops, throw random grenades and knock enemies down with vehicles. I am not sure if there will be random NPCs walking around as normal citizens, but I guess that will be more awesome, no? Open Beta for the game will be announced at a later date.

Counter-Strike Online 2 Big City map