Counter-Strike Online 2 – Big City map to support 128 players

Previewed a couple of times for the past few weeks, Big City is the main feature for the upcoming Counter-Strike Online 2. Publisher Nexon Korea held a major media conference recently, and more details emerged for this special GTA-like (as the company describes) map.


While previous reports claimed a total of 100 players, it has been revealed that the map will hold 128 players in total instead, with 64 players on each side (Terrorists and Counter Terrorists). There will be planes, cars, trains, multiple missions and more happening in just 1 map.

Counter-Strike Online 2 - Big City 128 players Counter-Strike Online 2 - Big City features

No date was set for the next Closed Beta or Open Beta, but a beta countdown will begin on 1st August. Player will be available to play in the Big City map, but only for the first 1,000 lucky ones at 2 daily time slots. Will the sequel see an English release? I certainly hope so.