Titanfall – Former Call of Duty devs announces new mecha shooter

I might be late on this news, but hey, all the big websites are big for some reasons. Titanfall is a new multiplayer-only shooter by Respawn Entertainment, formed by former Call of Duty lead developers. Launching spring 2014, Titanfall will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, as well as Windows PC.


Players, or human characters, will be know as Pilots, while the mechas are obviously known as Titans. While the core game is multiplayer-only, there will also inject “single-player elements such as plot, characters, and NPCs  into its matches.”


Just a note, Pilots need not be in Titans throughout the whole game, and as you can tell, sometimes the human flesh is mightier than metallic hides… The graphics look awesome, but I am sure the game concept ain’t anything new…

Titanfall screenshot Titanfall screenshot