Monster Hunter Online – New gameplay video from Chinese media

Despite the minimal activation keys going around for the debut test phase, publisher Tencent Games is still doing massive promotion on several gaming websites., one of the country’s big gaming news outlet, released a few game videos from its recent media tour (1 merged the videos).


Different from other games such as Dragon Nest, Monster Hunter Online is heavily focused on destroying different monster parts, a feature the console gamers of the franchise will definitely know.

For example, taking out a boss’ tail first might be 1 of the strategies to prevent it from doing an AOE attack. Perhaps players might want to destroy a flying boss’ wings first to prevent it from flying, or simply just to scavenge it later for rare materials.

Monster Hunter Online screenshot

When a boss reaches 30% of it HP, it will then slowly begin retreating back to its nest. Players may take this chance to give it the finishing blow, or wait for it to rest and recuperate in its nest while attempting to capture it.

The bosses in Monster Hunter Online will use a powerful AI, able to determine the incoming attacks and how to respond to them, rather than releasing skills and spells using a timed system. New monsters, actions and monster skills/ effects will appear exclusively in Monster Hunter Online.

Monster Hunter Online screenshot

Weather plays a huge role in Monster Hunter Online. For example, if a fire-breathing dragon spews out fire, the surrounding grass patches will catch it, causing players nearby to sustain burn damage as well. However, if players confront it during on a rainy day… You can guess what happens 🙂

Monster Hunter Online screenshot

There are no classes in the game, and “class” is dependable on the weapon players wield. For now, 4 weapons are available – Sword, Great Sword, Long Sword and Bowgun (English names not confirmed).

For the bowgun, control is a little harder, although there is this interesting FPS snipe mode. There will be exclusive new skills for all weapons as well.

Monster Hunter Online screenshot

Seen in the console version, HR (Hunting Rank) is now known as Lv (or level). Despite the name change, it still works similar as before, with leveling up causing no increment in stats, but just to unlock new maps, new gears to wear etc.

Monster Hunter Online gathers together various systems found in the console versions, including Monster Hunter Portable 3 for the PSP. While underwater battle is not in the game at the moment, players can look forward to battles on the sea, and aircraft battles in the skies.


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