Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero – New features briefed for action MMO

Perfect World China previewed the final set of features a couple of days back for Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero, and there are some elements of change which certainly are new to the usual template by the developer.


The first feature, doesn’t seem to be really something new, as Perfect World claims that there will be many aesthetic items to be found to customize character looks. Perhaps there will be even more items here compared to previous games.

Condor Zero - Gears

The second feature talks about collecting boss gears. Rather than just being part of the bosses’ looks, items worn by them will now drop as loot after being defeated. Once again, nothing groundbreaking here, although it is a nice touch.

Condor Zero - Boss gears

The third feature details how some bosses are separated into different parts, rather than just throwing spells at them as a whole. This should be somewhat similar to Monster Hunter, although I doubt the feature will be as polished as the Japanese franchise’s. We shall see!

Condor Zero - Boss fight

The fourth feature gives players some editing abilities for instanced dungeons. While there are still a few difficulty modes, players can now tweak monsters’ stats, the dungeon’s environment and even flow of combat. Details are still vague, but I presume they took a small pageout of Neverwinter’s Foundry system.

Condor Zero screenshot

Finally, 3 different modes of controls. I have touched on them in my previous post, so hop over for a quick read. Other than that, Condor Zero will be compatible with gamepads as well as well, with further testing being carried out currently.

Condor Zero - Gamepad controls