Kingdom Under Fire II – Indonesia publisher announced for epic title

[Press release] Qeon proudly presents the newest “AAA” quality online game, which will be launched soon in Indonesia, Kingdom Under Fire II. With a unique and impressive gameplay, we believe Kingdom Under Fire II will give a new gaming experience to Indonesian gamers.


May 22 2013 in Seoul South Korea, Qeon officially has signed the partnership agreement with the regional licensor Leadhope, KNT and the developer Blueside to publish Kingdom Under Fire II in INDONESIA.

Kingdom Under Fire II is a online game (MMO) that combines 3 elements of gameplay in one game. Action, Adventure (RPG) and Strategy or so called AMMORTS-RPG (Action Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy-Role Playing Game.

In this game, gamer will control the main character and their army in the battlefield. The main character will join the battle in the heart of the war, which gives the gamer an action gameplay (hack and slash), while simultaneously gamers are able to control his army and launch a strategy to win the war, which gives an element of Real Time Strategy (RTS).

Kingdom Under Fire II screenshot

Furthermore, Kingdom Under Fire II will also have all the MMORPG features that we all love such as, Quest, Solo/Party Dungeon hunting and also a deep Character and army customization that enable gamers to develop their character and army according to their preference and gaming style. Kingdom Under Fire II has very realistic graphic which enable gamer to make interactions with many elements and objects in their surroundings.

“We are really optimistic that Kingdom Under Fire II will be the best online game ever launched in Indonesia. As we look to Qeon’s Vision and Mission to present the best quality games to the market.” Conrad Jiwandono said as the Business Development Manager in Qeon Interactive.

Kingdom Under Fire II screenshot

Focusing on “war” side of the game, Kingdom Under Fire II will bring hundreds of “troops” and hundreds of huge map for battlefield, which mirrors a colossal war. Even more, gamers can improve their army and increase their skills using all the experience and resources earned from the battlefield.

5 mode PvP and 7 mode PvE is one of unique feature of this game, as the game was built with the base of competition, balance and individual skill, which makes it very suitable for individual competition, group (guild), or nation-wide tournament

Kingdom Under Fire II screenshot

”Kingdom Under Fire II will give a new gaming experience to all gamers. Here, not only the character skill that need to be developed, but also the capability of building an army, execution of tactics and brilliant war strategy are mandatory to be the strongest player.” Conrad said.

Kingdom Under Fire requires a relatively low computer specification, suitable for middle-low computer spec. It runs well even with only Geforce 7600GT 256MB 128 bit. Blueside as the developer have put an uncompromising effort to make this possible in the purpose to satisfy all Indonesian gamers so they will be able to play this cool game without a high-end computer.

Kingdom Under Fire planned to be available to play to Indonesian gamers in 2014.