Fantasy Frontier – New trailer displays game combat and skills

Revealed 2 weeks ago, Fantasy Frontier is the latest game from Taiwanese developer X-Legend, well-known for its games such as Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal. Time time round, the new trailer, although short, provides much more insight on the game’s combat system.


There are currently 8 types of weapons, and players can equip any 2 as their primary and secondary weapons. It seems for now there are no such thing as classes in Fantasy Frontier. The weapons are:

1. Sword and shield

2. Dual Blades

3. Dual Axes

4. Dual Pistols

5. Cannon

6. Staff

7. Magic book

8. Harp

The first part of the trailer shows some gliding effect, which seems to be the “in” feature now for games after the rise of Blade & Soul. It might feel weird since Fantasy Frontier is not a martial arts MMORPG, but hey, I ain’t complaining.

Towards the end of the trailer, a 100-level tower is teased, most probably for PvE. It is stated that the tower will require the whole server’s effort to conquer… Sounds pretty much like a scene from The Tower of Druaga and Sword Art Online…

Fantasy Frontier screenshot


  1. Same old, same old. But it does look slightly more active I guess? Maybe it even has a dodging mechanic!

    The fact that it’s classless piques my interest though. I hope it’s as flexible as FF11’s/DOMO’s systems (still my favourites).

  2. Oh, this looks kind of interesting. I’m waiting for the anime cell-shaded game that you talked about a while ago though. You said it looked like Mabinogi’s real sequel (instead of Mabinogi II: Arena, which just looks like a different version of Vindictus). Do you happen to know the name of the game i speak of? I forgot the name >.<;;

    P.S. Thanks for going back this version of commenting, I could hardly see what anyone had typed through the other version.

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