Trion Worlds – Former executive comments on new round of layoffs

I am sure most readers would have read about Trion Worlds’ new round of layoffs by now, in which many employees were apparently given the boot out. Teams in Austin, Redwood Shores and San Diego are said to be dramatically affected, with the Defiance team in San Diego reportedly “obliterated.”


According to Gamasutra, a trusted source close to Trion revealed that the layoffs are sweeping and may affect as much as half of the company. Back in December 2012, the was another round of layoffs as well (40 of them), with RIFT’s executive producer Scott Hartsman implicated. He has the following to say:

Trion Worlds layoffs round 2

It is really strange since Defiance is supposedly doing pretty well, with both the game and TV series notching up good numbers at launch. The MMORPG reportedly saw 1 million registered players a few weeks back, meaning a huge number of them purchased the game at least USD 50.00 for a normal version.



  1. And RIFT going F2P is very odd to me as, in the NA at least, there are always 2-3 servers on high and then 2-3 other on medium and the others on low. That’s plenty of players to keep a subscription game going. Something just isn’t adding up.

    • that’s what I was thinking, RIFT is doing well sub wise why all of a sudden going f2p? Alot of things isn’t making sense about Trion right now. And as far as Archeage goes, I’m really not that impressed by the game or the footages I saw. If building stuff is the “end game” then I really don’t see myself being glue to the game for at least a month.

  2. Really tired of them holding off Archeage. No wonder they were suddenly quiet about it when this crap is going on. This isn’t a good look for them.

  3. This is why a lot of MMORPGs tend to fail.
    They simply sack 90% of the employees once the game is out.

    Lauch should a be a start for a MMORPG not the end.

    (Rift was rather good in this sense for a long time)

    • I always thought that with F2P, there will be more users and hence the need for the same if not larger team. Seems I am dead wrong on this, since almost all conversions to the F2P model involves hundreds of sackings.

      • I think maybe because with F2P, they will have to readjust the target revenue, and the development pipeline. In F2P games, Uniques and ARPU received is low if the CCU is high. Low CCU gives high ARPU.

        CCU= concurrent users, ARPU= Average revenue per user, Unique = paying users

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