Saint Seiya Online – Cosmos burning all the way to Taiwanese shores

The first overseas server after China, Saint Seiya Online Taiwan was confirmed earlier today. The publisher, Iwan Interactive, is 1 messy company after some digging, but it has been publishing Perfect World’s online games in Taiwan.

Saint Seiya Taiwan

If you missed my preview some time back. Saint Seiya Online is 1 hell of a good game, with the combat system treading along the grey area between traditional point n’ click and action combat. The party matching-making system is fuss-free when queuing for dungeons, which made life really easy.


Saint Seiya Taiwan is scheduled for beta in Q3, while the original China server entered official Open Beta this week. Will the North America office stand a chance of bringing it to the West? In my opinion, the game outshines Swordsman Online by miles…