Black Gold Online – Debut test phase begins with huge amount of content

The debut test phase, or Closed Beta 1, for Snail Game’s latest online game, Black Gold Online, started about 2 hours ago. Leaving the essence of wushu far behind, players will not travel into a world where magic and technology are in a bitter conflict against each other.


Below are some of the features currently available.

1. Level cap at 40.

2. 2 races, 4 base classes and all 12 advanced classes

3. 8 open field maps

4. 9 instances, including modes such as normal dungeons and tower defence (?!)

5. 1 vs1 PvP arena, group PvP and faction PvP

Black Gold Online poster

I will be giving the game a spin, so watch out for my videos this coming weekend. Of course, no promises, but I will do my best 🙂

Black Gold Online poster