ArcheAge – Preview of awesome media gift bag as debut test nears

On 22nd May next week, ArcheAge China will be entering its debut test phase, opening the server doors to the public (those with activation keys of course) for the very first time. Hundreds and thousands of gamers in China are still trying to get a key, but the media and invited guests will have no such hassle.

ArcheAge China - Media goodie bag

In fact, publisher Tencent Games prepared an exclusive gift bag for them, reportedly with less than 100 of them made. I wonder how much will a mint condition full package fetch on the auction sites… Must be at least USD 500 >…<

ArcheAge China - Media goodie bag

Each bag contains a 32GB USB drive in the shape of a golden key (game client inside), a mouse-pad with the world map printed on it, and the localized version of ArcheAge’s first novel (same cover art as Korean version, but it is different from the retail Chinese version’s). I am seeing a specially-designed notebook as well…

ArcheAge China - Media goodie bag ArcheAge China - Media goodie bag ArcheAge China - Media goodie bag

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