Mabinogi II: Arena – Executive reveals current progress on sequel

The president of devCAT, Mr DongGun Kim, recently attended an event hosted by media website over at China. He revealed that Mabinogi II: Arena is currently 70% complete, and will be able to show more information soon despite given no exact window.

devCAT President, Mr DongGun Kim

The development team, comprising of staff from both NCsoft and Nexon (devCAT), is still working on finalizing some of the game details. Talking about the sudden change from the cute and lovable style found in the prequel, Mr Kim mentioned that it was intentional to have Mabinogi II give players a total sense of differentiation.

Mabinogi 2 screenshot

Mabinogi II: Arena is geared towards having an equal amount of content for both PvE and PvP, with players watching PvP matches able to just hop in and join the battle. I am guessing the next reveal will be at G*Star 2013 in November, with 2014 as the launch window in Korea.



  1. This game shouldn’t have the name Mabinogi attached to it at all. None of the features that are in Mabinogi that make it unique are even in it. By the looks of it, it’s just a better Vindictus. Such a huge disappointment as I really wanted a true sequel to Mabinogi.

    • Vindictus is called “Mabinogi: Heroes”. It’s perfectly reasonable to call this Mabinogi 2: Arena. And you don’t know the full extent of features it’s gonna have.

      And as for a game that looks and gameplay-wise sounds like Mabinogi 1 , you have Project NT, also by Nexon.

      And everyone can be happy.

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