Lineage: The Second Moon – First of many NCsoft mobile games to come

NCsoft’s first mobile game based on its hit online games, Lineage: The Second Moon, launched in Japan recently. Co-developed with mobile giant, GREE, the storyline of the game takes place within the Lineage Online lore, with heroes becoming cards.


No surprises, Lineage: The Second Moon is a mobile trading card game, with several other elements such as equipment and territory upgrading. Characters from the storyline will reappear as cards which players can collect, and of course fight against monsters.

Lineage: The Second Moon - Character cards

NCsoft earlier today announced that the Korean headquarters will be consolidating all mobile efforts under its own Mobile Game Development Center.

Expect more games based on NCsoft’s IP to be made into mobile games, and a Blade & Soul mobile trading card game is confirmed to be in development.

NCsoft mobile games initiative