Call of Duty Online – First official test phase kicks off later this month

As 1 of China juggernaut Tencent Games’ handful of upcoming online shooters, Call of Duty Online simply stands out of the crowd due to the franchise’s popularity. Exclusive to the China region, the first official test phase will kick off on 30th April.


The storyline for Call of Duty Online takes place between Modern Warfare 1 and 2, supposedly developed with an upgraded game engine used to develop the 2 games. As a Free-To-Play title, it will be the first time a full-fledged cash shop appear in the franchise.

Call of Duty Online screenshot

Similar to most online shooters, there will be several PvP modes such as the familiar Free For All, Team Death Match and the popular Kill Confirmed and Domination modes from the series. Many more will come, including PvE campaigns as well. New content exclusive to this game is also in development.

Call of Duty Online calendar