Wizardry Online – Trailers for final 2 elite jobs now online

Wizardry Online seems to be quite popular in Japan, and developer Gamepot has announced that the final 2 elite jobs will be added in a couple of days. They are the Ninja and Lord, which comes after the Samurai and Bishop.


In a game highlighted by its scary dungeons and the permanent death feature, Wizardry Online carries on the franchise’s long history as it tries to stay relevant in modern media. Perhaps a movie or 2 will do wonders 🙂


Speaking of movies, Sony Online Entertainment is currently the publisher for the game’s North American server. Which means close ties with Sony Pictures ^_^

I am not really sure if the game suits the western market’s tastes, but we shall see if the game will be a success a few more months down the road.

Wizardry Online screenshot