Otherland – Developer RealU’s closure confirmed

Crafted using Unreal Engine 3, Otherland was set to be a masterpiece upon launch. But over the past few months, things did not go as smoothly as planned, with developer RealU’s closure recently confirmed.

Located in Singapore (part of Southeast Asia), RealU is a subsidiary of German publisher, dtp Entertainment AG, which entered insolvency (unable to pay debts). The publisher for the game was set to be Gamigo.

RealU shutdown announcement

Based on the critically acclaimed novels by award winning sci-fi author, Tad Williams, Otherlands offers vast and diverse virtual worlds, known as Multiverse, where science fiction and fantasy intertwines.


As seen from the trailers in this post, the game is set to bring a whole new level of visuals to the stagnant MMORPG palette. It is such a shame the game has to be shelved, and hopefully another studio will pick it up.