ArcheVille – XLGAMES releases surprise mobile farming title

Ok, I did not really saw this coming. XLGAMES, developer of the much anticipated ArcheAge, has released the iOS version of ArcheVille earlier today. The Android version will be hitting at a later date.

Apple iTunes


As you would have guessed, ArcheVille is mainly about maintaining a farm and while providing other social functions to enhance gameplay.


The game is also tied to the main ArcheAge client game, with gifts exchanges possible as illustrated below. Note: This app is different from the one which monitors ArcheAge’s farm.

ArcheVille - Interaction with ArcheAge

ArcheVille is available in English now, so just search for “ArcheVille” in iTunes or click on the link right at the top. I am not sure if the location is restricted, since I am playing it right now 🙂