Steal Fighter – Open Beta in Korea announced

After several months of testing, Gravity Korea’s latest online game, Steal Fighter, is ready for Open Beta come February 21st. A hybrid of action RPG and the MOBA genre, the game is set to steal some spotlight from the unstoppable League of Legends in the country.


Contrary to the hero-based moniker most MOBA titles have, Steal Fighter is based on the traditional MMORPG concept, where classes rule instead. From what I see, each base class has 5 skill, while all advanced classes have 7, all acquired at different levels. Halfling Mage is the healer!

Steal Fighter classes

As a “new generation” MOBA, there is of course the new PvE maps, not just the boring 3-laned one seen over and over again in all other titles. There are several different environments as well.

Finally, the monsters of the game. Once again, not just creeps in different color tones, but actual unique designed ones found in larger scale online games. Steal Fighter currently has no overseas server announced.

Steal Fighter monsters