Kingdom Under Fire: Age of Storm – Official reveal coming soon

First announced back in early 2011, the game was initially known as Kingdom Under Fire: Avalanche, before being re-branded 4 months later as simply Kingdom Under Fire Online. After a couple of quiet years, developer Dragonfly has finally settled on Kingdom Under Fire Online: Age of Storm. With the game being a full 3D MOBA title, Age of Storm’s acronym, AOS, fits into the very beginning of the genre, Aeon of Strife. The title will be officially revealed this coming week.

Age of Storm countdown

As a 3D MOBA title, games like the recent Smite and Land of Chaos Online will come into mind. 2 team, 5 heroes, minions and towers battling it out to conquer enemy’s base. The formula shouldn’t have changed much since we last saw the game’s in-game footage (below), and I am curious what major alterations have been made over the course of more than 24 months. Note that Kingdom Under Fire II is a separate title in the franchise.