Wizardry Online – Game enters Open Beta phase

[Game website] Sony Online Entertainment’s latest Free-to-Play game, Wizardry Online, has entered Open Beta! Wizardry Online is also the first Japan-developed MMORPG to appear on the company’s list of online games. Featuring harsh conditions such as server-wide PvP and possible permanent death, it is the harshest online game yet!


The Hardest MMO Ever
No auto-regeneration, no auto-leveling, no safe zones. Enemies respawn faster than you can kill them – so keep moving! Are you up for the challenge?

Classic MMO Mechanics
There are countless dungeons to crawl, puzzles to solve and traps to disarm

Total Character Customization
Four character classes, three alignments and five races. Each class can be combined with the others to create hybrid classes. Each of the races has unique advantages, all the way down to different speeds of attacks with different weapon types.

If you fail to prepare properly, your character may be lost forever upon death.

Server-Wide PVP
It’s kill or be killed in the world of Wizardry Online. Team up early to discourage opportunistic players – or form your own roving gang of murderers and thieves!

Sophisticated Crime System
When you kill or steal from other players, you become a criminal. Watch out for the guards, or you may end up in prison!

Bounty Hunters
Only the best players can survive with a price on their heads. Will you live in infamy, hiding in the slums? Or will you bring people like that to justice?