Undead Slayer – New mobile action RPG launches in SEA region

[Press release] Avid and newbie action gamers alike will have something to look forward to as Undead Slayer, the latest mobile gaming app from Hangame Korea, is making its inaugural debut in South East Asia. Smartphone users in the region can start downloading this action role-playing game for free beginning 24th January 2013.

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Set in the popular Chinese classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this one-of-a-kind mobile app has spectacular battle scenes and vividly wild action settings that are extravagant even on a smartphone. And most importantly, this hack & slash game sees no need for virtual pad as it utilizes only a double tap attack making Undead Slayer easier to play on handheld devices.


The quality role-playing feature of this mobile app is famed to have been created by a single developer, Kim Dong-gyu of Hidea. This one-man team constructed the whole of Undead Slayer, from the game’s design and graphics up to its sound and coding. It is available in three different languages, Korean, Chinese and English, and can now be downloaded for free for Android and iOS smartphone users.

Undead Slayer screenshot

Undead Slayer unfolds around its one-eyed zombie-slayer hero, XiaHou Dun, from the ancient Chinese Dynasty, who engages in never-ending battles against the “undead’ as he is stuck in a zombie-infested world. His journey sees him battling with boss monsters and generals, and slashing zombies using the game’s twenty (20) different skill attacks with varying effects and damages.

Undead Slayer screenshot

This free-to-download mobile app is fully equipped with simultaneous battlefields which leave gamers no room for yawn. Encompassing 90 different stages and with easy to navigate, quick-touch operations, the game promises thrilling joy and maximum entertainment for players.

Undead Slayer screenshot