Marvel Heroes – Founders Program offers no guaranteed beta access

[Game website] Gazzilion Entertainment, developer and publisher of the upcoming Marvel Heroes MMO, revealed 3 different Founder Packs today, priced at 19.99 USD, 59.99 USD and 199.99 USD respectively.

It is a fair system these days after getting inspired by the rise of Kickstarter, but none of these packs offers the basic and a confirmed Closed Beta access!

Marvel Heroes packs

While the 199.99 USD pack provides such an “incentive”, only the first 2,500 purchases guaranteed 1 beta key. From the other games I have bought to support, at this price point, I would have gotten a minimal of 4 keys to share with my friends and get the player base boosted.

While thrashed by most as a Diablo re-skin, which it really is, I was prepared to fork out for the 2nd pack until I read more about beta access. Gazillion, you just lost a potential customer in me.