MapleStory – Nexon announces new level cap of 250

Earlier today, Korean gaming website Inven posted an announcement image in its MapleStory section, with Nexon announcing the level cap to be raised to level 250 as part of the game’s 10th anniversary celebrations in April. All jobs will be part of this update, except for the Cygnus Knights which will be getting a level 200 cap.

Level 250 cap

The meso cap will also be increased, along with the revamped Striker (known as Thunder Breaker in Global MapleStory). All the above updates will be happening on 31st January 2013. Nexon also hinted this is the started of more changes and new content to come. I bet 20 bucks that MapleStory 2 will be announced at G*Star 2013!

Striker revamp poster