Dragon Sword – New trailer focuses on action combat technology

Revealed earlier last year, Dragon Sword is a new non-target action MMORPG slated to be released this year. Developed by China’s 2nd largest online gaming company, NetEase, an in-house engine is utilized rather than the more famous ones such as CryEngine or Unreal Engine.

While the art and design style may seem oddly close to TERA’s and Blade & Soul’s, Dragon Sword is currently being promoted for its combat technology in the latest video below.


Without a doubt, NetEase will be using Dragon Sword to counter Blade & Soul in China, which already has a huge fan base. Another major combat feature will be the option of both melee and ranged combat options for all characters regardless of class, which can be triggered anytime.


Of course, what Asian martial arts MMORPG will it be if there is no air sprint system? Dragon Sword has gone through a small private test thus far, with no news of a Closed Beta scheduled.



  1. My fear is that like Bluehole (who even thought that would be a good name for a company anyways?) did with TERA this company will do the same with Dragon Sword and put all their focus into the combat and not into adding unique and cool features into the game.

    I played TERA for about a week before I realized it was just like every other MMO out there besides the combat. An MMO can not do well just by adding cool combat. There needs to be more depth to it than that.

      • The combat here looks similar to the combat in Vindictus except there are more attack skills at the player’s disposal though that could easily just be them showcasing skills that might not be available immediately. As of right now Vindi is the only mmo that I know of that has true action combat.

      • Wow really cinderboy?

        I feel more like Hobbes in his comment above you. TERA has arguably the very best combat out there, but otherwise a fairly run-of-the-mill game. (Though, the art direction is also excellent.) C9 and B&S, and Dragon’s Nest all also have very good combat. I’m not against combo-heavy systems like C9 and B&S, I just prefer width-first (lots of options) skill trees to long, deep, and tedious ones (with comparatively lots of repetition).

        Combat in games like TLII, WoW, and GW2 looks primitive in comparison. At the same time, they bring something to the table that TERA doesn’t.

        This game here looks like the first one that will succeed TERA in combat. I can’t wait.

  2. this game could be something^^ and btw vindictus isnt the only game with true action, c9 were way before vindictus and has better combatsystem to, and btw tera is a action mmorp game, vindictus is more like a dungeon action game almost same as dragons nest, lame in my opinion, cause u get tired of it in 2 weeks. 😛

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