Blizzard All-Stars – Possible delay hinted with job post

Blizzard All-Stars logo
While there wasn’t any confirmed release date in the first place, most gamers expected Blizzard All-Stars to be released by 2013, since it has been announced back in 2010 with some pretty images. First known as Blizzard DotA, the project is currently hiring a Lead Designer, which seems weird given the long development time thus far.
Blizzard All-Stars
Some folks have been claiming that resources were directed to Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and it was only until recently that the main focus was shifted back to Blizzard All-Stars. Will the game be showcased as a near-complete product at BlizzCon 2013? Given the company’s stance of long development cycles, I wouldn’t back against a substantial delay.

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