Black Desert – Closed Beta schedule confirmed

Just a reminder, although confirmed, the schedule is still subject to changes. Developer PearlAbyss held a press conference this morning, together with publisher Daum Communications, to announce the current progress of Black Desert. Closed Beta is scheduled for July 2013, with Open Beta penned for late this year.

Black Deserts schedule

Formed by several Korean veterans who worked on titles such as Continent of the Ninth (C9), PearlAbyss’ first product is an open, seamless action MMORPG, Black Desert.

Black Deserts media conference

By seamless, it means that there is no loading needed to each different regions, other than instances. The world is big, freaking big, with mounts needed to travel efficiently and tons of areas to explore.


There is a housing function as well, but there will be limited quantities of them. House owners will be able to decorate the interior accordingly, much like The Sims. Players without one can simple live in tents outdoors (laughs).


Large scale guild Vs guild is also in the works, with a preview shown in the video above. Other features such as advanced NPC interactions, different climates and weather etc were talked about as well.

There is no English publisher confirmed thus far, and it will be interesting to see which Western company dares to take on this game.