Wild Buster – New gameplay footage displays stunning combat

Revealed earlier this year and on show over the the business section at G*Star 2013, Wild Buster is a sci-fi isometric action MMO which features 2 opposing factions. Characters are not created, but rather chosen from a list, similar to League of Legends.


Each faction will have its own unique characters, which will eventually escalate into the PvP modes. A press conference was held earlier yesterday, where more game footage was recorded.

Developed using the Unity engine, developer Star Ducks Studio (new gaming section under Nuri Telecom) currently has no plan to port the game to mobile devices.


You see, Unity is a game engine which is very flexible, allowing games built to run on Mac OSX, Windows, browsers, mobile platforms and more.

It was also revealed that discussions are ongoing with overseas publishers, while the Korean publisher has yet to be confirmed, although not dismissing the option of self-publishing. Hence, there is no launch date scheduled.