Concerto Gate – Final 2 servers announce closures

Concerto Gate logo
Originally scheduled to be published in English by GamesCampus, which was subsequently canceled in 2009 after a year of Closed Beta, the final 2 servers for the Square Enix-developed MMORPG have announced their closures. They are the home server of Japan, published by Gamepot, and the China server, published by The9.
Update: The Hong Kong/ Macau server is apparently still online, but there hasn’t been any updates nor events for sometime.
Concerto Gate 2
A sequel to Cross Gate, which never reached English shores, Concerto Gate featured a turn-based and real time battle system, similar to that of the classic Final Fantasy’s. Having played the English Closed Beta years back, it was 1 of the most memorable turn-based games I liked, perhaps due to its heavy jRPG elements.

The Japan server will end its service on 27th March 2013, while the China server will end its service on 20th February 2013. Interestingly, its prequel, Cross Gate, still has the China server online, although no updates were provided for years.
Concerto Gate 1