Tencent Games Carnival 2012 – Highlights of Day 1

The new games introduction session has just been concluded over at Tencent Games Carnival 2012′s first day, and there were a few news which certainly caught the eye. The similar issue concerning all the games are actually the time of alpha/ beta tests, and they were all announced today.

1. ArcheAge China – First test phase to begin May 2013

I actually knew this news from a company presentation slide found online a few days back, as ArcheAge China will only officially launch in 2014. So yes, the announcement of May 2013 disappointed many at the live event, but it is something everyone has to bear with despite having a fully translated game demo ready.


2. Blade & Soul China – 2nd test phase to begin 5th December 2012

Nothing surprising here, since Blade & Soul is the company’s 2013 major title, and supposedly the most expensive to publish before Call of Duty Online apparently stole the title. This 2nd test phase will last 40 days.

Blade & Soul China 2nd test phase

3. Call of Duty Online – First test phase to begin 29th November 2012

I think I did not get in (no surprise, China has too many players), but the game will begin testing at the end of this month. I have previewed several game features, so head on to my previous posts for a look.


4. Asura – Game to go global after China server settles down

I always wondered why Tencent has failed in its core gaming expansion overseas, but I am glad it was announced that they are looking to send Asura overseas (NA and EU as main regions of course) once the China server launches (in a couple of months).

The story is based on a novel with Journey to the West taking a dark twist, where the gods are the real evils and Sun Wukong and his team must defeat them to save the world. As usual, search my previous posts for more info.