Swordsman Online – New footage shows off 6 clans’ combat

The special coverage for Perfect World’s Swordsman Online by Chinese gaming website 17173.com continues today, with focus on combat. 6 clans are in focus here, and I actually merged all 6 videos together to make the whole thing more epic. You can tell each clan apart by the short break at the end of each segment.


Just to highlight the first 2 clans, Wudang and Tang Clan. As you can see, Wudang is the master of area control, with its sword able to stabilize itself at any point of the map, only to be activated later. Tang Clan is the master of firearms and assassination, and shown here are mostly the firearms skills. Each clan will have 3 skill paths to choose from, for example Huashan Clan has the Sword (burst damage) and Force (ranged AOE), each with pros and cons. The 3rd skill path is still a secret now.

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot

Before I forget to mention, players will eventually be able to switch between each of the 3 skill paths in the middle of fights, simply with the “`” key. Of course, this will be for those who have excellent grasps of situations and taking details such as cool-downs into consideration. Fights may be fast, and they may be slow as well. The next coverage will be on the instanced dungeons in Swordsman Online.

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot


  1. I wonder how this will fare against age of wushu..the combat in that game is pretty confusing for me, not sure if i can get accustomed to it.

  2. Age of Wulin isnt very intuitive. It takes a while to figure out its keyboard settings. I think if the designers werent so stingy with the flying energy bar that allows your character to perform dashes and flight movements, the fighting can be more dynamic. And the cool down to change styles mid fight is also a little too long. I think they should remove the cooldown to change styles that way you can incorporate more fight animations mid battle.

    • I do believe I will be checking this game out once they start testing it in NA.

      I know it’s PWI but they haven’t had a good game out since Forsaken World… no real choice.

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