NCsoft – Guild Wars 2 tops global sales for 3Q 2012

Releasing its 3Q 2012 earnings report earlier today, NCsoft made a significant increase in global games sales compared to the previous quarter. Coming top of the list is Guild Wars 2, which topped even the mega-hot Blade & Soul. However, it is important to note that Guild Wars 2 is available in virtually the whole English market (no Korean server), while Blade & Soul is only available in Korea.

Korea (South, of course) continues to be NCsoft’s main source of revenue from the geographical perspective, contributing to 55% of the overall sales. North America did a huge increase as well, fueled by the successful launch of Guild Wars 2.

Back in at NCsoft’s parent company in Korea, Blade & Soul is slowly but surely catching up to the evergreen Lineage 1, where new content are still being added frequently after a decade in service. Lineage 2 continues to stay at the bottom, with the recent promotion of free gameplay campaign perhaps to halt the slide a little. As mentioned, Guild Wars 2 does not have an official Korean presence right now, with eager players having to under stand the English language to play in the NA or EU servers.