MapleStory – Winter update teases 2 new classes

For China, Perfect World is my favorite company, while from South Korea, Nexon is 2nd to none. The reason is simple – both developers update their games with actual content (not just cash junk) year after year without fail. Winter is nearing, and Nexon is once again preparing for a major update for MapleStory. The scheduled release date for more information is on 6th December next month, and the teaser trailer shows what were some of the historic events which took place on that date.

According to MapleStory Korea’s website, there will be 2 new classes, which only show their silhouettes. Wasn’t there a new Draco swordsman added just recently? Hmn… The lazer whip looks more suited for a female character though… *joking*. I was kind of disappointed MapleStory 2 wasn’t revealed this year, but am still glad Nexon is paying much attention to this evergreen title. A decade coming soon for MapleStory!