Mabinogi II: Arena – Sword & shield combat video released

Mabinogi II: Arena caused lots of chatting in the gaming community since revealed last week, with both negative and positive sentiments clashing worldwide. No matter the feeling, Mabinogi II: Arena is the actual sequel of Mabinogi and Mabinogi Heroes.

In the first video since G*Star 2012, developer DevCat (under Nexon) is showcasing the sword and shield combat demo, without the environment. I am expecting the other 3 weapon setups to have videos soon as well.




  1. I’m sure people will rage at me but if this is not open world then most of the population in the NA that play Mabinogi most likely won’t be playing this game. At least that’s what they’v voiced thus far.

    It would just be too disappointing for them. Vindictus it was okay because it was the first instanced one, but they really shouldn’t have two instanced ones. They could have if they hadn’t stapled the label “Mabinogi” onto it.

    • Hmm I think you’re right to a degree. So far it’s been a mixed reaction from what I can gather on the EU forums for Vindi.

    • We get it Ploopster, you don’t like Mabinogi II. Your comments have been ranging from “Meh” to “OMFG WTF IS THIS SHIT DIE NEXON,” and it’s getting old.

      • I never went “OMFG WTF IS THIS SHIT DIE NEXON.” I don’t talk like that or act so dramatically… I am free to share my opinion. If you don’t like it you can just ignore it.

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