[G*Star 2012] Mabinogi II: Arena – Camera footage from game demo

Taken by the Korean media, I apologize for the shaky and blur camera footage. If anything, it can be seen that Mabinogi II:Arena is certainly leaning towards more of Mabinogi Heroes than Mabinogi at this point of time with the instanced-based dungeon action combat. But still, Nexon has yet to reveal what players can do outside of combat, perhaps those features are saved for later.


4 characters classes were available for testing, including the Archer, Bard, Heavy Hammer and Sword + Shield (the latter both are melee warriors). Korean media ThisIsGame has uploaded footage of all 4 of them, so have a look!



  1. I don’t see here Anything except grinding dungeons.
    But we already have Mabinogi Heroes on Source engine for this!
    Why Nexon 10 years worked to release already existing game?
    Why they needed own engine for this?
    Where is RPG part of game?

    **** no, here is your 3 round colored buttons and you should press them all day long in the same-looking dungeons with the same-looking characters with the same looking walls, items and monsters.

    Its ok if you are 8-9 years old and you want to kill some 2-3 hours of free time, but from perspective of game serie this is a H_U_G_E N_O_N_S_E_N_S_E.

    • Exactly how I feel! They don’t even have the mage there either! Not that it matters, if this was truly a sequel to Mabinogi there wouldn’t be any classes in the first place!

      Nexon is apparently just ignoring the fans of Mabinogi. I know you keep saying that they haven’t shown whats outside of these instance-based arenas cinderboy, but truthfully besides some shallow crafting mechanic I doubt there is anything else.

  2. Looks pretty good. Very polished take on games like Dragon Nest and the like. It seems like Nexon’s taking the success of DFO as a queue to experiment with some of its elements in completely different genres.

    I’m a bit confused about one thing though: Somehow I got the idea that this was going to be a sequel to Mabinogi, but absolutely nothing that made Mabinogi unique seems to be in this game.

    • Nope, it’s just a re-skinned Vindictus with some new features. Nexon and devCAT are becoming lazy apparently. I really don’t get why they made Mabinogi II like this when they already have Vindictus.

      • You must be kidding, man.
        Look at Vindictus “The Way Out” trailer once again.
        Atleast it has Serious Action, sense of presence, some story (though, maybe weak one) behind what is going on. Yes, Mabinogi Heroes is not Mabinogi, but this game has own spirit. You want to try it after trailer.
        And this polished “Arena” for playing machine looks more like “whew, we did our engine, look what we can do with models punching eachother”.
        This is nor hard action nor adventure story.

        • They do have some story behind it, I doubt they’d show a bunch of story before they’ve even released the game. The storyline’s a big part of the game, but it’s hard to showcase that. It’s also kind of hard to showcase the whole crafting and etc. portion without it feeling kinda boring? Maybe. I’m still waiting until they showcase more of the world before passing final judgement.

          I agree that so far it doesn’t feel like Mabinogi, though. It feels more like a spinoff than a sequel.

  3. Everyone is already flipping their sh*t over how much this resembles Vindictus, but you’re all forgetting one thing. They could easily just be showing one prominent feature of the game – combat system.

    You can’t be sure about the whole game right now.

    So yes, they’re showing models punching each other. For now, hopefully.

  4. I think the fact that you can mix/match Body type + weapon + class to create a personal build is not as regimented as people make it out to be. Obviously it’s no skill-based system with absolute freedom, but it’s still some level of freedom.

    And people who say Devcat are lazy should look at every other game developer first. I think devcat did some good work here, it’s just a pity its not a real MMO.

    Maybe one day they will include this type of combat system with a real mabinogi came.

  5. Triangulation Technician is right, there’s really no point freaking out considering we’ve only seen one part of the game. Even so, combat here looks better than Bless, Icarus and bunch of other new titles who’re still using the WOW-style combat.

  6. Looks a bit like Vindictus. Still doesnt have the fluid controls and gameplay of DN, but few games are like that.

  7. i love the fact that we always will know that we will win when we play the game and easily defeat spiders and bad guys and i love that i can beat most of the levels by just attacking at a real slow pace like press it 2 times every 5 sec and still beat dungeons.

    awesome videos man you really saved my non life having self . theres really no point of playing if im going to win all the time haha. i rather transform into a 8 year old boy and play with toys and pretend im the best then play this game

    i look forward to being bored.

    Easy game lover

    thank you cinder lame boy

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