Counter-Strike Online 2 – Here comes the ladies and new game mode

Counter-Strike Online 2, published by Nexon in Korea, will be going into Closed Beta 2 on 16th November, just 2 days away. In the new client, both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists will have a new female character added, Mila and Lisa.

Counter-Strike Online 2 - Female characters

All testers who choose to use either 1 during the 3 days of testing will stand a chance to win an iPad as well. I think this is the first time official playable female characters have been added to the franchise…

Not just the ladies, Counter-Strike Online 2 will also see a new Stealth Mode. In this mode, Terrorists are in permanent stealth mode, but they only have the dagger as weapon. Counter-Terrorist players will have to rely on footsteps and other sounds to seek them out… Better get those new headsets and speakers ready!

Counter-Strike Online 2 - New game mode