Blade & Soul – Themed PC system limited to 2,000 sets worldwide

It not uncommon to see games having their own themed consoles or computer system in Japan or Korea, and it should be no surprise NCsoft’s Blade & Soul is getting the same treatment. On sale tomorrow (7th November) for online orders only via ComputerDa, there will be only 2,000 sets made, with 2 different specifications.

Blade & Soul PC system

The system is said to be “high-end”, and neither more details nor pricing was given. Purchasers will be treated to 30 days of free game time in Blade & Soul and also a special item to change some cosmetic stuff.

Blade & Soul PC system


    • Obviously… Blade & Soul isn’t free to play… If you thought it was you were kidding yourself. Hopefully it’s like that in the NA too because I don’t want a flipping cash shop filled with pay to win items.

      • Yes it’s pay to play. P2P in korea is really nice you don’t need to spend 60-70$ to buy the game and then buy a subscription, you just need to pay around 10-20$ a month to play. That’s why i like to play Korean games 😀

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