Blade & Soul – All 7 levels of Tower of Mushin conquered

Before I begin, do note that the videos found below are taken from a couple of Korean websites, and they are absolutely not mine. That settled, NCsoft recently added the Wave 2 (out of 7) update for Blade & Soul, Tower of Mushin. A solo-only dungeon, there are currently 7 levels, while more are hinted for the future. It seems the Korean players cleared this content in lightning speed!

Blade & Soul Tower of Mushin

The English version of Blade & Soul is currently being prepared, with unconfirmed reports of a 2013 release. I am surprised NCsoft is getting their act together so fast, as there are still the China, Taiwan and Japan servers to take care of. Well, I shan’t be complaining though, and here are all 7 levels of Tower of Mushin.