RaiderZ – North America and Europe servers prepares for Open Beta

[Game website] Perfect World Entertainment’s 2nd Korea-developed F2P game, RaiderZ, will be going into Open Beta on 24th October, which is around 2 days away if you have not bought the Founder’s Pack. An action-combat MMORPG, I personally feel the system is better than TERA’s, although not at the scale of Vindictus’. Similar to TERA, RaiderZ packs an open world for players to explore, not just instanced dungeons throughout.

The European server, published by Gameforge, is also going into Open Beta on the same date. As RaiderZ has elements of twitch combat, I will suggest players choosing the server according to where you are located. With not many choices during this period, RaiderZ is a nice Free-to-Play action MMORPG to indulge in. Below is a level 40 dungeon run in the Korean server. Yes, that character is wearing a bikini.