Project NT – Nexon nabs publishing rights for the West

It seems Nexon isn’t going to wait until G*Star before making any major announcements. Or does the company has too many, hence the early date for this?

Project NT signing ceremony

No matter, Nexon has announced the contract signing for Project NT, developed by Thingsoft, for Korea, Japan, North America and Europe. Note: All screenshots are from last year.

Project NT is a MMORPG using techniques cartoon rendering and cell animation, which gives it a heavy Japanese anime feel. Developed using a self-developed engine and announced last year (how did I miss it?), Project NT has no classes or skill trainers. Skills are dropped randomly by mobs, and each mob represent 1 skill.

Project NT screenshot Project NT screenshot Project NT screenshot Project NT screenshot Project NT screenshot

The best part? Each time players use a skill, the affiliated monster will appear as part of the animation, like a summon. For example, if you cast the “Fireball” skill, a dragon may appear and shoot a fireball from its mouth before disappearing. Sounds like a quick Pokemon match~

Project NT races Project NT races Project NT races

There is a feature which is currently little on details, and it is the ability for players to create their own content. For now, only videos can be made using in-game assets, pretty much like Valve’s movie maker software starring the Team Fortress gang.

Project NT poster