Swordsman Online – Identity masking system in brief

If you have watched Chinese wuxia drama series or movies, you would have seen how some characters take on identities of others perfectly to go on spy missions or to assassinate targets with as little fuss as possible. Swordsman Online will be introducing this system, with players able to do the mentioned activities.

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot

A simple example: If you are a wanted villain, you can use this system to become a street performer without gaining the attention of patrolling royal guards or your enemies; if you are a Royal Guard, you may disguise yourself as a wandering swordsman and mingle with the crowd to gather information (NPCs will not say these if you are wearing the uniform).

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot

At night, players may don the black ninja-type costumes and mask to leap over buildings on spy missions. Wearing this in the day will just attract unwanted attention! All of these actions will affect the overall world storyline and quests, hence every player has the power to decide which way world progression will be heading to.

Swordsman Online screenshot

A couple of new screenshots can be seen in this post, and Swordsman Online still has no beta dated for China. I am guessing Perfect World is trying to avoid Blade & Soul China, and wait for the hype to die down a little before launching Swordsman Online. A logical business choice, but the wait is getting just a little too long…

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot


  1. hey cinderboy what are your thoughts on age of wulin and this game since you know they both have the same features except the costume changing thing in my opinion i think the costume changing thing is awesome well the fact that it affects the world doesn’t really invite me since age of wushu is coming out in oct 29 and in age of wushu everything affects world story as well but for some reason it seems like before you really liked age of wulin and now you don’t what happend. a quick reply shouldn’t be to much for you i will not judge your opinion.

  2. the affecting the world thing is just like in age of wulin/wushu so its not something big but these people are pure copy cats but anyways you don’t like age of wushu no more cinder boy i donjt even see you doing news on it i know that theres gotta be a logical explanation for the 100k item and it dont really matter because it wasent over powering. i thought u you liked age of wushu thought what happend.

    the costume camoflage is awesome but age of wushu should have something similar and it’s coming out on october 29 and cbt 17 and its just 10 dollers

  3. Age of Wulin influenced a lot of game designers to copy some of the art styles and game mechanics we saw in AOW, which is actually a good thing.

    Now, different kinds of action mechanics can be introduced to make games feel more like a 3d online version of Tekken or Sf4.

    AOW will come out first, so it will have the benefit of reaching the consumer sooner. PW can use the time to fiddle with its new graphics engine. Hopefully PW doesnt turn the game into another overpowered cash shop experience. Or at least experiment with pvp instances that allow players to compete with equal characters.

  4. i dont think this is a copy paste from Age Of Wulin ,there is no in the way some developer make their game in a short period, they build it for year or so… not just because you see some trailer from Age Of Wulin and then suddenly some one make a similar one it is a copy paste from the earlier one,unless Age Of Wulin revealed it self and all the detail a year ago or so

  5. Swordsman Online was a response to AOW. These games have been posting trailers back to back for years. PW almost even copied all the same schools as AOW. This isnt a bad thing. PW has its own technology and creative design. They will form their own game based on what they see in Age of Wulin.

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