Steal Fighter – More details surface for action MOBA game

A few days ago, I declared my confusion at the game’s title, Steal Fighter, since nothing was close to “stealing” in the initial report. Well, there is actually a “stealing” feature in this new MMO, and the details are as below.


1. There will be 2 initial classes, Slayer and Striker. With the level cap for Closed Beta 1 at level 30, the Slayer will advance into Bloody Storm (physical) or Origin Seeker (magic) at level 20. The Striker will advance into Blaster (physical) or Elemental Fist (magic).

Steal Fighter screenshot Steal Fighter screenshot

2. There will be 12 stages for Closed Beta 1, with the combo system working as well. Think of it as Dungeon & Fighter meets League of Legends.

Steal Fighter screenshot

3. Here comes the “stealing” part. Characters will be able to “steal” and use boss skills during fights with them. According to the report, these skills will remain with players as a way for them to figure out the best skill combinations for them.

Steal Fighter screenshot

4. Why is the game being touted as a MOBA or AOS (Aeon of Strife)? Well, each map is actually an arena, and thus they are marketing as it is. There is also a Dota-style 5 Vs 5 PvP mode, with 3 lanes, neutral mobs etc which players will find familiar.

Steal Fighter screenshot

5. From the questing point of view, things will get more strategic from stage 7 onwards, with multiple objectives to complete. Parties may split up to fulfill certain quests at the same time, but each decision will also trigger different events.

6. At stage 12, players will be able to occupy enemy (AI) bases and proceed. Sounds pretty much like a progressive element added to League of Legends’ Dominion mode.

Steal Fighter poster

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