FIFA Online 3 – New trailers and registration begins for Closed Beta

Officially announced in July, FIFA Online 3 is the latest Free-to-Play game added to Nexon Korea’s formidable stable. Publisher Nexon also announced that Closed Beta registration has begun, with 20,000 players expected for the first phase starting from 20th September to 23rd September.


Other than an improved graphics engine, FIFA Online 3 will feature 528 soccer teams from 45 countries, 32 leagues and a hefty 15,000 actual players. Various new modes are also introduced, such as 5 Vs 5 (total of 10 player-controlled characters).


Supposedly snatched from under the nose of FIFA Online 2 publisher, Neowiz, the partnership between EA and Nexon, 2 giant gaming corporations, will be 1 to look out for. FIFA Online 3 is developed by EA Seoul Studio.

FIFA Online 3 FIFA Online 3