Blade & Soul – Official Western website now online

After the Europe announcement trailer with the PEGI rating logo, it seems the global Western website and trailers are also up online. The French and German versions are available, together with UK English.


Attached in this post are also 2 of the debut trailers, with the Summoner class introduced together as well. No date currently set, but mid-2013 is the best guess.



  1. I’ve been waiting for Blade & Soul since early 2009. Now I’m really glad to read this. Btw: It’s not Dutch Cinder – It’s German;)

    Regards Rewi

  2. Would South East Asia Region be able play it? cause i am pretty sure i wont be able play the korean version

  3. hey i went to the official and it says in development for the west ,, i live in egypt and i dont know if its gonna be avaliple here or not and if so ,, can i have ike a link to download client or something ?!!

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