Aion – First ever private MMORPG server arrest made in Japan

Aion: The Tower of Eternity, otherwise known as The Tower of Aion in Japan, got into the news recently as police made its first arrest for operating a private MMORPG server. Police is intending to prosecute this Free-to-Play illegal server’s owner, an Osaka man in his twenties, for criminal copyright infringement. NCsoft and the police also intend to prosecute anyone who played on the server. Both prosecuting an unauthorised server and going so far as to charge its users are firsts for Japan. It appears to be seen if the authorities will somehow manage to “bring justice” upon these many people…

Source [Warning: Adult content in source website]


  1. I’m actually quite surprised that an arrest is warranted.

    Makes me wonder what’s coming up for other server owners and whether or not this will spark changes with how other countries handle them.

    It does strike me a bit odd that it’s an Aion server they went after, though, considering there are and have been Lineage II servers running with tens of thousands of players on them.

  2. That’s just sick :/ Of course it’s illegal to host a p-server but going after the people who played this game lol

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