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Announced since 2010 with trailers and screenshots, Perfect World’s Swordsman Online has yet to be given a Closed Beta date in China, although all fingers are pointing towards end 2012. 1 of the most anticipated locally-developed martial arts MMORPG in China, Swordsman Online’s combat is also 1 of the best, given all the official news and information given out so far.


Other than active dodge using qinggong (which in turns uses up stamina), fighting above roof tops, on water surface and while scaling walls, each sect (or clan) will have different skill sets to master as well. For example, some will be more offensive, some will be suitable for crowd control, while some will consist of more defensive options. Of course, players will be given the freedom to mix and match this skills according to their preferences or according to different situations.

Swordsman Online screenshot

While normal skills can be learned via ways such as completing quests, there are the ultimate skills (which I previewed before). Through miracle quests, which are random and grants players unique quests, these skills can be learned from the novel’s main characters. But not the full skill will be learned at the first go, players will have to complete various of such rare quests to fully master the skill.

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot

Does this mean players will never have the chance to try out these awesome skills? Fret not, there is this mysterious “role play system” where players can assume the roles of NPCs. For example, if a player is in control of the game’s protagonist, Linghu Chong, ultimate skills such as Nine Swords of Dugu can be used.

Swordsman Online screenshot

These players may even learn new skills from other NPCs while assuming these NPC roles, and even the possibility of transferring the learned skills back to their actual character.

Swordsman Online screenshot


  1. Combat, visuals, the ease of being able to pick up and play are going to be pretty critical. I think people are tired of grinding endlessly inside an MMO. And relying on a cash shop to play pvp elements of a game.

  2. I like the company. They were one of the first Chinese MMO game designers way back in 2005 when MMOs were just becoming popular. But they are also very profit driven. And you can see it in their sales dept.

  3. LOL, You dont have any idea what You are talking about, MMOs were popular earlier, You just didnt heard about it, as for china theres hundreds good MMO that never went out from asia, many p2p, chinese devs most time believe that their games wont be well taken in EU and US. even ppl in age of wulin were surprised that some1 from EU like me play their game

  4. MMOs were pretty cheesy when they were first introduced. Targeting a very small niche audience. The failure was mostly in visuals. FF11 produced the first visually appealing MMO relying on its graphics and its company brand. The game however was too much of a time sink, and that drew many players away. Blizz came out with their hq mmo a year later, and PW then came out with theirs a year after that.

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